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It's nice of you to take the time to get to know us better. Here are some things about us that we thought you might like to know.

EXLMART is formerly known as Excellent Computers.

EXLMART is one of the leading solution providers in Information Technology industry in India. With over 22 years of experience, we have a proven track record serving over 1000 Corporate, 300 Resellers and near by 200000 satisfied SOHO & end users across India.

EXLMART climb to market leadership by delivering the best possible customer experience like live demo, genuine products authorised by manufacturers, best price, ready stock, instant delivery and then online shopping, etc.

EXLMART listens to customers & delivers innovative technology and services that they trust and value.

EXLMART could best understand the customer needs and efficiently provide the most effective computing solutions.

EXLMART will be the first company which introduces the latest technology much more quickly than our competitor in the India.

Services :

We deliver best-in-class technology and services that provide cost saving in TCO, improve business practices, and ensure a safe, reliable, and secure IT Environment.

As a Leader in the market, we are manufacturing our own branded customized ECPC which suites the customer needs & budget.

As a Technology adaptor, we are dealing all major branded (like Apple, Sony, Dell, HP, Lenovo, etc) Laptops, Desktops, Servers, Peripherals..

As a leading Information Technology solution provider, we deliver end-to-end solutions for our business clients: application innovations, system integration services, break-fix servicing, hardware and software provision, application management, professional services and staffing.

Whether you’re looking for a Laptop/ PC/ Tablet/ Smartphone or a partner to manage your entire IT environment, or you just spilled coffee on your notebook, we can help.

Business Alliances & Product Offerings :

APPLE        - Apple Authorised Reseller

HP               - HP World. Complete range of Hewlett-Packard

DELL           - Regional Distributor for Mobiles & Tablets. Sub Distributor for Laptops, Desktops & Printers

LENOVO      - Regional Distributor for Laptops, Desktops & Accessories

ASUS           - Regional Distributor for Laptops & Tablets

IBM              - Business Partner for all range of Servers & Solutions

ACER           - Registered Partner for Laptops, Desktops, LCD Monitors & Projectors

MICROSOFT - Premium Partner for Operating Systems & Applications

INTEL            - Intel Gold Technology Provider for Processors, Motherboards & Solutions

AMD              - Premium Partner for Processors & Solutions

LOGITECH     - Registered Partner for all range of Logitech products including Keyboard, Mouse, etc.,

SEAGATE      - Premium Partner for all range of HDDs & Backup Solutions

APC               - Authorised Dealer for all range of UPS Solutions

NUMERIC       - Authorised Dealer for all range of UPS Solutions

EC PC            - Own branded Intel & AMD Based PC which suites the customer needs & budget.

EXLMART – Facts & Effect :

EXLMART was founded by T. Ravidev, the chief executive in 1991 to provide world class solution in the IT industry. Our Prime concepts of Exlmart are "Maximum Value for the Money" & "Best products @ affordable rates". We have steadily risen up as one the ladders in the IT industry and today we are the authorized partner for world’s best IT Brands.

EXLMART went live in 2010 with the objective of making world top brands (like Apple, Sony, Dell, Lenovo, HP, etc) products easily available to anyone who had internet access.

Be it our path-breaking services like Cash on Delivery, a 10-day replacement policy, EMI options, free shipping - and of course the great prices that we offer, everything we do revolves around our obsession with providing our customers a memorable online shopping experience. Then there's our dedicated EXLMART delivery partners who work round the clock to personally make sure the packages reach on time.

All the products, we are selling are authorised by their Indian Divisions with India Genuine Warranty. We never sell parallel imported items.

So it's no surprise that we're a favorite online shopping destination for IT Products.

Be with Exlmart & Rock the World!

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